Real-Time Automation & Personalization Platform

Solitics is a real-time customer journey and analytics platform that helps organizations create a real-time automated personalized customer experience, without a long, expensive data project.

Solitics enables sophisticated marketers and organizations to harness the full scope of their distributed data, to create insightful automated customer journeys and segmentation in real-time, to improve conversion, retention and customer LTV.

Take advantage of your data in real-time to:

  • Create real-time personalised journeys, triggered by events -Generate substantial revenue uplifts.   
  • Raise contextual pop-ups in real-time based on your players’ activity – Interact with your players when it matters most.
  • Putting the “real” into real-time – Respond to each user with relevant content and offers based on all your data within 1.8 seconds
  • Reward less and retain more – Offer a personalized bonus to each player based on the number of tokens they have lost, calculated dynamically in real-time.
  • Solitics’ proprietary technology easily connects directly to all distributed data sources, so you can go live in under 30 days.



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