Solitics is a real-time customer journey and analytics platform that helps organizations create a real-time automated personalized customer experience, without a long, expensive data project.

Solitics enables sophisticated marketers and organizations to harness the full scope of their distributed data, to create insightful automated customer journeys and segmentation in real-time, to improve conversion, retention and customer LTV.

Take advantage of your data in real-time to:

  • Create real-time personalised journeys, triggered by events -Generate substantial revenue uplifts.
  • Raise contextual pop-ups in real-time based on your players’ activity – Interact with your players when it matters most.
  • Putting the “real” into real-time – Respond to each user with relevant content and offers based on all your data within 1.8 seconds
  • Reward less and retain more – Offer a personalized bonus to each player based on the number of tokens they have lost, calculated dynamically in real-time.
  • Solitics’ proprietary technology easily connects directly to all distributed data sources, so you can go live in under 30 days.
What is Solitics?
Solitics is a Customer Engagement & Analytics Data Platform that enables businesses to integrate and utilize their data seamlessly in order to create an incredible customer experience, have full control over the customer life cycle and get incredible insights into their data, all without a long & hard data project. With Solitics organizations can easily run customer journeys, optimize marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and revenue.
How does Solitics work?
Solitics works by integrating into the organization’s distributed data sources and collecting data, such as customer interactions, website behavior, backend sources and third-party data providers. Our platform then processes and analyzes this data in real-time, allowing businesses to segment their audiences and personalize their marketing messages based on specific behaviors and preferences. Solitics also provides powerful analytics and reporting tools that enable businesses to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and optimize their strategies over time.
What types of businesses can benefit from Solitics?
Solitics is ideal for any business that wants to improve its customer experience, increase revenue, and make data-driven decisions. Our platform is particularly well-suited for e-commerce businesses, financial services companies, gaming companies and other businesses that rely on data to drive growth and profitability.
What integrations does Solitics offer?
Solitics integrates with a wide range of data sources and 3rd party tools. For the front-end Solitics provides a SDK. For backend sources, Solitics supports queues, streams, APIs, db connections and more. We also offer custom integrations for businesses with unique data requirements.
How much does Solitics cost?
Solitics offers a variety of pricing plans based on the needs and size of your business. Please contact us to learn more about our pricing options and to schedule a demo of our platform.