Build Amazing Relationships With Your Customers - It's Easy

Real-Time Automation & Personalization Platform

Solitics connects & unifies your data across all sources, connects to your marketing channels and provides you with one UI to control your automation and personalization. Automate, manage, and execute your entire marketing strategy to create a better and more personalized user experience.

Live & Dynamic User Journey

Forge the paths for your users to lead your business to success. Design and implement your marketing tactics and strategies easily based on all your data, with an interactive journey builder that responds live to any customer action or non-action.

Live On-Site Communication

The time to act is now! Interact with your customers while they’re still on your site with contextual and personal live messages. Present them with tailor made dynamic offers based on their current and historical behavior.

Best In Class Attribution

Dive into each touchpoint in the customer journey to understand the impact on their behaviour and the actions that follow. Learn which touchpoint and content has the most positive impact through an analysis based off the data from all the sources.

Dynamic Segmentations

Create segments over any attribute in your data with zero aggregations or coding. Segments can run over your raw data so any field in your data can be utilized. Our unique technology enables you to respond live to any user added to a segment.

Personalized Content

Present dynamic content and personalized offers tailored to each individual user based on their behavior and interests. Make each user feel right at home, as if your brand is tailor-made for them.

One UI To Rule Them All

Manage and execute your entire marketing strategy from one intuitive and flexible UI with all your data and marketing channels connected.

Key capabilities

Go Live Within 45 Days

Central UI for Multiple Brands

Manage multiple brands from one central UI where you can access and use your data for each brand’s different strategies and business goals.

360° View Of Your Customer

Analyze your customers behaviour through a unified view connected to all your data sources, marketing activities and segments.

Omni-Channel Customer Journey

Plan and create interactive journeys that engage with your users at different touchpoints – at just the right time for a truly live experience.

Real-Time Response to Customer Actions and Non-Actions

Respond to each customer with relevant content and offers based on all your data within 1.8 seconds

Dynamic & Personalized Rewards

Retain more and reward less. Provide your users with personalized bonuses based on their activity.

Live Contextual Popups

Benefit from the 90% open-rate of popup messages, and drive your customers to take action based on their unique interests and activity.

Dynamic Segmentations

Create accurate segments over any attribute in your data with zero aggregations or coding.
Segments constantly update and you can target customers at the moment they are added to a segment.

Content Personalization

Seamlessly send the right content, based on any attribute on anything in your data.

Retention & Conversion Automation

Automate your customers lifecycle, from the moment they register, based on ALL your data

Integrated With Hundreds Of Providers

You finally have the freedom to choose your providers. No integration is required!

  • Mailchimp

  • Mobivate

  • Acoustic

  • Twilio

  • ExactTarget

  • SendGrid

  • nexmo

  • One Signal

  • SoftGamings

  • Pushwoosh

  • Mailgun

  • Textlocal

  • PushCrew

  • SmartFocus

  • Tradersoft

  • SoftGamings

  • Panda

  • Trading Central


  • Clickatell

  • Xtremepush

  • Autochartist

  • Activetrail

  • Signalcentre