Empower your analysts with all of your data in one accessible place

One UI for all of your data manipulations

Solitics BI-as-a service solution connects to all of your data sources, it organizes your data for you so that you can use it in real-time for all of your business intelligence needs.

Get incredible visibility over your business

Generate valuable insights for better data-driven decision in every aspect of your business with a BI service that enables full access and usage of all of your data from one place.

Dive into your data with lightning-fast performance

Dive into your data from all front-end and back-end sources to easily access the data that matters to you.

High performance with full flexibility

Integrate with Solitics DWH or your own and run complex queries and reports on billions of records for valuable insights at lightning speeds.

Pay as you go

Pay for the services you use and save valuable time and money while Solitics takes care of all of the data structure, extraction and normalization for you.


  • 100% of your data at your fingertips


    Solitics’ BI-as-a-service works with any system you have, enabling you to use 100% of your data at any time. No configurations are required, and all changes are automatically applied based on changes in your source data.

  • Automatic optimizations


    Solitics provides you with automatically optimized, and ready-to-use BI as a service over your existing infrastructure. Apply algorithms and extract valuable insights based on all your data.

  • All of your business information in one place


    View all of your business information from back-end and front-end sources in one accessible place where you can run fast queries that improve productivity and decision making.

  • View custom dashboards from all your data


    Create custom dashboards that show only what you’re interested in seeing, with real-time reports easily accessible to anyone in your organization.

  • Zero maintenance


    Solitics’ end-to-end service handles the extraction, organization, and upkeep of your data so you can gain relevant insights and run reports on ready-made infrastructure with zero maintenance.