iGaming operators are realizing that, to maximize their business and generate revenue uplifts, they must first create personal and meaningful engagements with their players in order to drive conversion rates, increase the average LTV, prevent churn and generate gaming loyalty.

Many iGaming operators have chosen Solitics’ unique and cutting-edge data management and automation platform to grow their active player base and profit margins. Solitics enables to connect all their data sources, all their marketing channels and provides them with one central UI from which they can manage all their personalization, automation, based on all their raw data and all in absolute real-time. ­­

But how do operators actually take advantage of this power to increase their conversion, retention and generate uplifts?

Here’s a small peek into the world of true real-time automation and personalization.

Solitics for increased conversion rates

Operators allocate a substantial amount of their budgets on acquisition, divvied up into paid media, SEM, and affiliate marketing, according to their company’s needs and players’ consumption habits. However, once leads are acquired, relatively little investment is made to drive them to convert.

One of the most critical stages in the customers’ life-cycle for the brand is the first deposit. However it happens quite often that the lead reaches the deposit page and abandons without completing the deposit, for various reasons. This is a critical moment where real-time monitoring can be the difference between abandonment and a successful conversion, which is why many operators use the Solitics’ real-time journey to facilitate the conversion.

One example of such a journey is raising a pop-up message that its timing and content is determined automatically based on the relevant data and user actions. This could be anything from the traffic source, stage at which the lead stopped, a certain click on the page or any other data that is relevant. This message can offer a starting bonus, free play or an offer to help. Following that, based on the leads’ next action, the journey will continue. If despite the offer the player abandons the deposit page and does not complete the deposit within the next 1 hour, the operator can respond by sending an SMS or push message as a reminder of the special bonus that was offered, pending completion of the deposit.

This could be then followed up with an email within the next day and the following days as well. However, at any given point, should the lead come back into the site or even a certain page, the system will respond accordingly and raise another message encouraging the lead to complete the deposit. Thus, creating a very personal experience for the lead and being there and responding at the right time and place.

At any given point, once the lead has converted, the conversion journey will automatically stop, the customer will be moved automatically to the next segment and a new journey will start for this customer. All this while maintaining various rules and conditions of communication policies and all based on the data in real-time.

Solitics for increased retention

According to Harvard Business School, a 5 % customer retention improvement can easily lead to a 25-95% increase in earnings. Needless to say, focusing resources and attention on retention tactics is extremely important.

iGaming operators use Solitics platform to nurture long-term, successful relationships with their players, according to each player’s personalized interests. It becomes seamless for operators to ensure that the most relevant content and offers are sent to their customers for an improved customer experience. Here as well, all relevant data is taken advantage of to execute this, such as games being played, live balance changes while in-game, wins, losses, previously granted bonuses, customers’ deposit activity and any other data that the brand holds, regardless of which source the data streams from.

For example, Solitics’s platform offers a personalized bonus to each player based on the amount of points/tokens/money they have lost during their recent gaming session, calculated dynamically in real-time, based on their NGR, GGR, or deposit amount. This way, players receive the most personal bonus at exactly the right time! An “added bonus” here, is voiding bonus hunters.

Real-time engagement for real-time events

Leading iGaming operators use Solitics’ platform to present in-play offerings based on live events such as: changes in odds, daily jackpot thresholds updates, update on events and more.. The end result proves without a shadow of a doubt that personalization which is truly data-driven and in real-time generates substantial increases in customer engagement and experience, LTV, user longevity and most importantly, the bottom line.

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