Most trading companies have recognized the need for real-time personalization and automation in order to engage with their traders. Any engagement needs to be based on traders historical and current behavior live – or in absolute real time. To create contextual relevant, positive experience, trading companies must use a data-driven marketing automation platform. This will also drive conversion rates, increase the average LTV and prevent churn.

Many brokers have chosen Solitics’ customer engagement and automation platform, designed specifically for the trading industry, to do just that. Solitics integrates all distributed data sources, connects all marketing channels and provides trading companies with one central UI. Brokers then can manage all their personalization and automated customer journeys based on their entire data, all in ‘real’ real-time – 1.8 seconds.

How do top trading companies use Solitics to boost their growth?

1. Increasing Conversions

Brokers spend substantial resources on lead acquisition. It’s critical to maximize the conversion rate, in order to lower acquisition costs, grow customer base and drive revenue.

By using Solitics to create the most effective personalized customer journeys, promotions, and campaigns, brokers design a personal experience second to none, for every lead. This experience and the true understanding of what drives lead behavior, increased the chance to convert them into paying customers.

One example of such a journey is automatically raising a pop-up message at the right time and with the right content, based on relevant user actions. The trigger driving the pop-up could be anything from the traffic source, the stage at which the lead stopped responding, a certain click on the page, or any other data that is relevant.

How does it work?

An example could be if the lead does not complete the deposit within 3 minutes, they can raise a pop-up message on the screen. This message can offer a starting incentive, educational offer or an offer to help. After that and based on the lead’s next action, the automated journey will progress. If the lead abandons the deposit page and does not complete the deposit within 1 hour, the broker can respond by sending an SMS or a push message as a reminder, change the offer, or offer any type of benefit based on completing the deposit.

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This could then be followed up with an email within the next day or days as well. However, at any given point, should the lead return to the page, the system will automatically respond accordingly, raising a different, relevant message. The system will send the message, encouraging the lead to complete the deposit, while updating other systems: updating customer record in the CRM, notifying the sales representative that they just opened the message and that the sales rep should call them.

Once the lead has made a deposit, the conversion journey will stop. The new customer will be automatically moved to the next segment, to start a new journey. All this, while maintaining various rules and conditions of communication policies and based on the data, in real-time.

2. Regulation and Compliance

KYC Processes

Many brokers utilize Solitics to automate and increase the completion rates of the KYC processes. Based on each trader’s KYC status, brokers can automatically urge customers to send missing documentation, on multiple channels (live pop-ups, email, SMS, and others). This way, brokers substantially accelerate and positively impact the registration process .

Margin Calls

Handling Margin calls is an essential process for every broker. Manually managing the margin call process is resource-consuming, tedious and very limited, as far as the channels used and their effectiveness. Often, the most used method is phone calls by sales representatives and for the most part, the clients don’t answer. With Solitics, brokers can automate all the aspects of their margin call process. They can issue and automated margin call process harnessing all data collected from multiple sources for accurate calculation. Then, automatically communicating with relevant the traders through multiple channels, in real-time.


Brokers can create pre-defined, event-based, automated workflows to communicate with each relevant trader on personal basis, in real-time, through the most relevant channel. If the trader doesn’t respond in one channel within a defined time frame, the system will automatically send a message through the next channel, and so on, until the trader responds.

The above are just a few of Solitics capabilities in conversion and compliance. Solitics offers hundreds of tactics and strategies to improve conversion, increase engagement, retention, reduce churn, reviving lost customers and more. All are made possible by a platform that can utilize your data, and react in real-time.

Choosing the right platform is a strategic decision, carrying an immense impact on the future of your business. Choose the platform that will help you grow profitably.