TradeFW saw over 50% increase in customer value!

TradeFW is a regulated broker providing a trading environment for private and institutional investors worldwide. TradeFW customer communications are designed and executed with the help of ClickLogiq media agency.

Although they already had a CRM-style MarTech platform, the team felt held back and slowed down by the infrastructure. They suffered from limited agility accessing data, with any change took months & a significant budget. They also had difficulty adding new communication channels. They were also eager to improve the performance tracking, to better understand campaign effectiveness.

ClickLogiq chose Solitics as their data-driven, real-time customer engagement platform, and got:

  • Over 50% increase in customer value
  • 66% increase in transactions per customer
  • 30% uplift in average redeposit amounts
  • 42% more returning customers

“I believe that there is no other tool out there that is so compatible with the industry that we are working in as much as Solitics”
Madalina Pirvanescu
Marketing Automation Manager, ClickLogiq

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