Webinar: Bonuses a new age

Traditionally bonuses have been one of our industry’s most reliable engagement and retention tools. In recent years some industry professionals have argued that their effectiveness has lessened because they tend to attract low-value traffic and push down margins.

Using real-time data for providing personalized bonuses

During this first webinar out of an upcoming series based on – “Using real-time data for various purposes",  we discussed how operators have been using bonuses so far, how they are viewed today and how they can leverage their data in real-time to give bonuses a new lease of life.
Our panel of experts shared some examples of how operators utilize their real-time data to grant personal and contextual bonuses based on a variety of parameters such as NGR, GGR, engagement and more.
Speakers: Aviv Sher, Director of Online Operations, Codere
Rostyslav Maikovych, Chief Data Officer, Parimatch
Harel Falk, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Solitics
Moderator: Curtis Roach, Clarion Gaming

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