Easily Integrate, Consume, and Manage All Your Data in True Real Time

No painful data integration project! Easily integrate all your data from any source, and use it in true real-time for any business need: Improve retention, create amazing customer journeys, make informed business decisions, provide extraordinary support, and more.

Finally, All the Data and Tools You Need in One Place

Solitics proprietary technology leverages low-code integration to connect directly to all distributed data sources on one hand, and all marketing channels on the other, going live in under 30 days. The platform seamlessly connects directly to the raw data, adapts to the data structure, unifies the data across all sources and enables organizations to utilize the data for various business aspects.

Key Platform Capabilities

Seamless integration

Solitics collects the data from any data source. Over 100 types of data sources are already supported today.

The platform constantly analyzes the data from all sources. Any new field is automatically recognized, added on the spot and is ready for you to use.

The platform automatically tailor-fits the products for your needs, by continuously self-learning and analyzing your data.

The entire data pipeline is built on the fly, customized to your data-structures and is cutting your integration time and efforts by over 90%.

Real time processing – for real

You can react to any event, or attribute change within 1.8 seconds!

No matter the scale – live is our SLA

Real-time from any data-source – also from backend sources

Scale without limits

Solitics supports automatic scale-outs and can process instantaneous increases in traffic of over 90%, in less than 15 seconds.

Connect to your current messaging providers or to new providers and channels with no integration effort – just plug and play.

We support email, SMS, WhatsApp, VoIP, popup, push and MetaTrader channels, Solitics can also connect to your in-house channels if needed.

A whole new world of connectivity

The platform makes your data natively accessible upon request. Just select the provider and the platform will make it accessible.

Hundreds of providers are already natively supported across different marketing channels, data providers and content providers.

The platform enables running custom actions on your backend in order to create truly native connectivity with your infrastructures.

Solitics enables you to harness the full power of your data, for:

Build real-time customer journeys based on any attribute in minutes

Customer journey automation, improved retention, support, and sales.


Incredible Visibility

DWH As A Service – gain visibility over your business and drill into your data with blazing-fast performance.

Analyze billions of records instantly

Business Intelligence – analyze billions of records instantly to boost your productivity and effectiveness.

If It Exists, Solitics Integrates with It

Don’t stop working with the apps and add-ons you’re used to – Solitics can integrate with whatever you need.

  • Bethard

  • Pushwoosh

  • Text local

  • Salesforce

  • Mailchimp

  • Mobivate

  • Gamescale

  • Active Trail

  • Mailgun

  • nexmo

  • One Signal

  • Tradetech

  • Panda

  • Send Grid

  • Push Crew

  • Twilio

  • Smart Focus

  • Tradersoft

  • Xtremepush

  • Hexagon

  • SoftSwiss

  • Signalcentre

  • Ultraplay

  • ExactTarget

  • One Signal

  • SoftGamings

  • Trading Central


  • Clickatell

  • Autochartist