Your Data Analysts Deserve The Best Data Platform

State-of-the-art engineered DWH integrated with ALL your data

Solitics provides you with a ready-made data warehouse served over a dedicated Snowflake replica. Analyze billions of records instantly and boost your analysts’ productivity!

A two years project, in up to 45 days

Solitics connects & unifies your data across all sources, and makes this data accessible for you on a Snowflake replica. The entire build-up of the schema and the required pipelines are built on the fly, based on your data, letting you lay back and enjoy your data. At the end of the day, you get all your data, in one place, normalized and cleaned, in scale, with an affordable price tag.

A ready customized DWH in days

Get up and running in no time, with all of your data available to you and zero maintenance required.

No development needed

Save significant resources on developing and maintaining your own data warehouse, with Solitics’ ready-made DWH with all of your data from distributed sources, processed, cleaned and ready to use.

The fastest infrastructure out there

Run queries on your data in a lightning speed, gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions based on all your data.

All your data in one place, accessible to your analysts

A single user identity

With Solitics’ proprietary data unification technology, Solitics unifies the users’ profile across all sources, enabling you to enjoy a unified user identity over any piece of your data – events and member attributes.

Made for you

The schemas are build based on your data. The columns receive meaningful names, making you feel right at home.

Your promotional data is
already there

The DWH module is seamlessly coupled with the automation platform. The entire marketing history along with the attributions are conveyed to the DWH for advanced analysis of your campaign performance.

Lightning fast, zero maintenance

  • Scale has no limits


    Digest billions of records with ease in seconds using Solitics’ robust and highly scalable infrastructures. Data storage, compute and all required analytical infrastructures scale-out automatically.

  • Constant optimizations


    Your data is automatically clustered, optimized, sorted, and kept ready for querying at any time.

  • Boost your queries and predictive models


    Run queries in rates you’ve never experienced over billions of records, and improve the productivity of your analysts and data-scientists

  • Hands free management


    No configurations are required, schema-changes are applied automatically based on changes in your source data, letting you use 100% of your data as a service.

  • Zero maintenance


    The entire analytical infrastructures are maintained by Solitics, letting you enjoy the value of your data, without the burden of managing it.