Want to Stay Ahead of the Curb in 2021? You’ll Need Real Time Data

Harnessing real time data to power your marketing automation and customer engagements is crucial for any broker.

The retail industry is a continually evolving landscape as traders demand more from brokers, setting new standards and base-lines.

Satisfying such demands and providing added value to traders can take various forms, such as education portals, advanced data and analysis, and real-time updates.

These tactics may sometimes require integrations with new technology providers, but can add significant value, create differentiation and increase customer loyalty.

However, while these updates and developments encourage clients to continue to trade and stay engaged with the broker, one must not forget the basics – creating the best customer experience, by communicating at the right time, at the right channel, and in the most relevant context for each trader.

It is customer demand who underlie the acute need for brokers to adjust and adopt new technologies to improve their services: In order to enable personalized automated engagements, brokers must make use of their most valuable asset, their data.

But making data usable is usually a hefty project that demands many months and sizable budgets, leaving organizations reluctant to embark upon such an extensive effort.

These technological limitations further stress the need for an easy, swift, data integration process, enabling brokers to engage with their customers easily and effectively, when it matters most.

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