The retail industry is a continually evolving landscape as traders demand more from brokers, setting new standards and base-lines.

Satisfying such demands and providing added value totraders can take various forms, such as education portals, advanced data and analysis, and real-time updates.

These tactics may sometimes require integrations with new technology providers, but can add significant value, create differentiation and increase customer loyalty.

However, while these updates and developments encourage clients to continue to trade and stay engaged with the broker, one must not forget the basics – creating the best customer experience, by communicating at the right time, at the right channel, and in the most relevant context for each trader.

It is customer demand who underlie the acute need for brokers to adjust and adopt new technologies to improve their services: In order to enable personalized automated engagements, brokers must make use of their most valuable asset, their data.

But making data usable is usually a hefty project that demands many months and sizable budgets, leaving organizations reluctant to embark upon such an extensive effort.

These technological limitations further stress the need for an easy, swift, data integration process, enabling brokers to engage with their customers easily and effectively, when it matters most.

Getting the Most Out of Your Platform

Most traders are well versed with the constraints and advantages of their brokers’ platform and interface. For most, simply the minimum requirements had often been satisfactory. Until now.

Traders are now looking for the latest innovations, values and benefits as they aim to improve their experience across the trading lifecycle.

No company appreciates this strategic outlook more than Solitics, a real-time data-driven customer engagement analytics platform.

The past year has seen Solitics unveil several new features to its platform, that aims to cater specifically to brokers looking to strengthen key marketing channels.

Solitics’ platform enables brokers to utilize their data for various business aspects, without a long, expensive, and complex data project.

In addition, Solitics’ integration with third-party content providers has helped enable brokers to provide a unique added value to their traders who need real time information on the commodities they invest in.

This includes third-party tools like Trading Central, AutoChartist, and SignalCentre that can provide advanced data, and are already integrated with Solitics, making it easy for brokers to alert their traders of the recent market changes and updates in real time.

Additionally, Solitics also supports live contextual pop-up messages on the MT4 and MT5 desktop apps.

Such capabilities in real time data management, automation, and personalization present a wide range of new opportunities for brokers to increase engagement and generate substantial revenue uplifts.

Solitics Separating from the Pack

Looking ahead in 2021, the premium that marketers are giving to real-time customer journeys, dynamic segmentation and content has never been higher.

As such, Solitics is strategically positioned to deliver on this trend. The company is continuing its mission to change the way B2C organizations utilize and harness their data to create personal customer experience for their respective clients.

Solitics’ platform was specifically engineered to meet the trading industry’s evolving needs. The company’s advanced solutions help link up all the distributed data sources, reconciling raw data and respond to any data update or change in real-time.

Furthermore, Solitics’ combination of marketing and communication channels creates a powerful automation and personalization tool.

Brokers have come to rely on this, as it enables trading companies to respond personally and contextually to each trader within seconds.

Whatever the next innovation or challenge is in the industry, Solitics is making the impossible happen through one intuitive platform.

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