In this exclusive interview, Harel Falk, VP Sales Business Development, Solitics, explains the process of developing the best IP solution with the most cutting-edge technology, enabling operators to build incredible products, deliver superb customer experience and escalate their business.

The company has 8 years in the industry. How has its growth path been during that time to become one of the main data management and marketing automation providers in the market?

Solitics was established in 2013, but has changed direction in 2016, as we realized that the main problem to solve in creating unrivaled customer experience was data integration. The experience that our customers want to deliver to their end users heavily depends on the ability to engage in a contextual manner, at the right time. We worked very hard to develop our IP, which we believe to be a revolutionary solution for dealing with the integration of distributed data sources. It usually is a painful, lengthy process. Our technology makes it easy. Combining the ability to reliably integrate the data fast, with a sophisticated real-time customer engagement platform, enabling management of the entire customer lifecycle from a single UI, really helped us show value to our customers. Many of our customers are referrals of other customers, and employees that worked with our system in one place and brought it with them to their next company. That is a statistic we are most proud of.

According to your company’s founder and CEO, Tomer Baumel: “Gaming brands hasn’t been using efficient conversion strategies to make sure their audiences turn into customers.” In that sense, which are the keys in the process of monetizing all the visitors of a betting platform, transforming them into real-money players?

The key is to create a positive and personalized experience for the end user from the very first moment. In order to do that, gaming brands must be able to utilize all their data, in real-time, in a smart, contextual way. It is their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, gaming brands have not been able to effectively do that. The ability to harness all the customer, event and transactional data in real-time enables operators to create a personalized experience for each customer. For example: a potential customer visits your website, but does not make a deposit. We all know that 85% of the players will convert in the first 5-10 minutes or not at all, so real-time response here is crucial. With Solitics, you can send them a personalized pop-up in 1.8 seconds, offering a contextual incentive, a bonus or an offer that relates to their initial interest such as poker, a specific sports bet, etc. The real-time response is critical, as if the operator responds a few hours or days later, the player has already moved to a competitor. The ability to respond in real-time and create a positive and personalized experience demands connecting and processing to the raw data, which isSolitics’ sweet spot.

Solitics has recently launched a single-integration of business intelligence and personalized customer engagement on one platform. Can you describe more about this unique tool?

We believe that visibility into the data and analysis is just as important as the execution. Just as with all other aspects of data, integrating a BI system is a long and resource-consuming process. This is why we offer a smart BI-as-a-Service module that doesn’t require a long integration. Based on all distributed data sources that are being seamlessly integrated, business executives can have valuable insights for optimal data-drive decisions. You can create any report, run elaborate analysis, inspecting billions of records in seconds, and continuously optimize marketing efforts and spend.

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