Personalizing and automating every customer engagement is a must for every trading company – It has been repeatedly proved in numerous research and articles.

The demand actually comes much like a grassroot movement – from the traders themselves, as they expect a certain level of experience.

To deliver personalization and automation, brokers and trading companies must use historical data, as well as current behaviour in absolute real time – meaning, not a few hours or days later, but rather respond in a matter of seconds.

But how could it be done? A data-driven marketing automation platform is essential in creating a contextual, relevant and positive experience for the customers, drive conversion rates, increase the average LTV and reduce churn.

Which capabilities assist Trading companies in increasing conversions?

In order to reduce acquisition costs, grow customer base and increase revenues, brokers must maximize conversion rate. To do that, brokers need to utilize a platform that would be able to create data-driven personal customer journeys, promotions, and campaigns.

Such a platform will generate a personal experience for leads, to increase chances of converting them into paying customers.

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