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We believe that data should be easy. It should be a joy.

Today, everything we do revolves around data. Still, most marketers hate it – there’s tons of it, it’s distributed, it’s ever-changing, it’s difficult to access and difficult to use. For a modern marketer, it’s like working with both arms tied behind your back.


At Solitics, we believe that data should be easy. It should be the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

You’ll love Solitics for four fundamental reasons

All data in one place

We tie all the knots together so you can actually see and access all your data in one place

True real-time

You get to use it in true real time - within 1.8 seconds of an event

Operational ease

You can create campaigns visually within minutes


You can continually push the effectiveness of your campaigns through our analytics tools

Choose your weapon

We want to give you all the tools you need to see and use data as the most effective weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Customer engagement platform

Create powerful customer journeys that deliver real value

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Business analytics platform

Understand where your revenue is really coming from

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Yes, you can have both!

The platforms work together and separately. Let us show you how.

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True real time

This is not the real-time you’re used to - it’s so much better! By accessing the raw data directly, Solitics responds to any change in the data in just 1.8 seconds which means you can respond in true-real time - not 24 hours later!

Stringent security and standards

Security is no laughing matter. That’s why Solitics adheres to the highest standards and security regulations. Any communication is encrypted. Solitics uses ISO compliant security standards, and vigorous penetration tests have failed again and again to break the walls of the platform.

No painful data integration projects

Solitics integrates with hundreds of applications and platforms. You can continue working with your favorite apps and add-ons - we’ll simply connect to them. All we need is an API or an SDK.

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Machine learning - if it can learn, is it alive?

Solitics transparently identifies any changes in data structure and attributes, automatically presenting new fields in the UI.

Your own customer success genie

Your dedicated customer success genie will be your point of contact for anything you need. Whether they’re helping you adopt best practices, or creating new business flows altogether, they will make sure you see clear, immediate ROI. And don’t worry, you’ll get more than three wishes.

Frees your mind and your time

Solitics sets marketers free. You can define independently what you see in the UI, the name of the attributes, your reports and visibility. You can even connect a new communication vendor if you wish. It’s that easy.

Don’t just take our word for it

Meet and beat your targets”

If you have a marketing strategy, Solitics will help you meet and beat your targets.

Oana-Madalina Pirvanescu
Marketing Automation Manager

Insights for continuous improvement”

There is no platform out there that can deliver even remotely comparable results. In terms of the bottom line, ease of operations and insights for continuous improvement.

Head of CRM Marketing
Global fintech company

Substantial revenue uplifts”

Solitics is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Resulting in better conversion and retention efforts leading to substantial revenue uplifts.

Nadav Tal
Marketing Operations Manager
Magma Logic

Results that make our customers smile

increase in customer engagement and LTV

reduction in time spent on setup tasks

increase in conversions