Solitics launches the first-ever single-integration of business intelligence (BI) and personalized customer engagement on one platform

Solitics sets a new standard by offering a single platform that incorporates extensive BI capabilities together with real-time customer engagement automation and personalization

Organizations across all verticals are accustomed to investing years and sizable budgets to transform their distributed raw data into a flexible data engine that can offer meaningful insights (BI) and provide the ability to personalize and automate their customer engagements.

Making data usable is a hefty process that requires the connection of all data sources, moving all data to a single location, cleaning the data, and conveying it to the BI and automation tools. 

Solitics resolves this exact pain. With our platform, organizations can launch a state-of-the-art BI and customer engagement solution in a matter of days, with all their data connected and usable. 

To achieve this revolutionary outcome, Solitics has developed an outstanding connectivity and data-processing layer. This layer easily integrates with any data source (platform, website, CRM, mobile app, 3rd party source, any database), and automates the entire data processing (previously a manual procedure).

Solitics guarantees the connection of all distributed data sources in under 30 days, without the need to write a single line of code – delivering seamless, codeless integration.

Solitics customers can:

  • Generate valuable insights for optimal data-driven decisions: Run elaborate analysis, inspecting billions of records in seconds,
  • Create real-time, personalized customer engagements based on all your data. Using Solitics’ intuitive UI, you can respond live to any customer behaviour within 1.8 seconds. This means you’re able to send the right message, at the right time, in the right channel.  

Solitics’ CEO and Founder, Tomer Baumel, said: “Solitics offers marketing professionals extreme flexibility and independence. The ability to implement Solitics within a few short weeks, at a fraction of the cost, is making Solitics the go-to platform for marketing everywhere. Without Solitics, data integrations projects would require many months and huge budgets to complete, not to mention the extensive engagement with different IT departments”. 

Over 500 brands use Solitics to interact with their customers in real time, with personalized content at the perfect time via any channel


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