Personalize Every Touchpoint

Create real-time, personalized, automated customer experiences, without a long, expensive data integration project.

Join thousands of brands that use Solitics for personalization, automation, business intelligence and more!

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Enabling Companies To Build Amazing Products

Solitics centralizes your data and provides you with the best utilization tools out there. Whether it’s automation, personalization, product enhancement, analytics or execution – Solitics has got you covered!

Personalization & Automation

  • Real-time customer journeys based on all your data
  • Personalized engagements across all marketing channels, from a single UI
  • Automated analysis of your retention and conversion performance
  • Machine-based decisions
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  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Bonus
  • Facebook
  • SMS
  • Pop-up
  • Push

DWH as a service

  • Digest billions of records in the speed of light
  • Zero maintenance or coding needed
  • Boost your predictive models build and run-time
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  • BI
  • Predictive

BI as a service

  • Get incredible visibility of your business
  • Generate insights and monitor your company performance
  • Drill into your data with blazing fast performance
  • Create your custom dashboards over ALL your data
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  • Reports
No painful data project.
Seamlessly connect all your distributed data sources to every marketing channel.
Go live in under 30 days!

Technology That Spans Across Industries

Utilize Your Data Across Your Teams

For Marketing Teams

Real-time customer journey

Respond to your customer actions or non-actions within 1.8 seconds to achieve outstanding results through any marketing channel.
Simply draw your journeys and Solitics will do the rest.

In-game messaging

Benefit from the 90% open-rate of in-platform messages such as popups, and drive your customers to take action based on their unique interests and activity.

Single view of your customer

Analyze your customers behavior through a unified view connected to all your data sources, marketing activities and segments.

Dynamic segmentation

Create accurate segments over any attribute in your data with zero aggregations or coding.
Segments constantly update and you can target customers at the moment they are added to a segment.

Best-in-class attribution

Analyze campaign impact on revenues across all marketing channels, using data streamed from backend sources.
Discover optimization opportunities with in-depth analyses and drill downs to the user level.

For Product Teams

In-platform native messaging & actions

Automate actions and in-platform messaging with zero coding, allowing you to extend your toolkit with actions such as popups, leveling up customers, bonus incentives, and much more.

Superior user experiences

Take the user experience to the next level with automated personalized messages and dynamic content allowing you to respond to your users’ actions or inaction in real-time.

Centralized hub for 3rd-party integrations

Enrich your product capabilities with dozens of new channels and content providers. Whether you need to send a Facebook or WhatsApp message – it’s already integrated with your data.

Regulation compliance

Help your customers comply with regulations and ensure all KYC processes and regulations are automatically met and streamlined

Personalized incentives & bonuses

Grant dynamic and personalized incentives and bonuses to each customer based on their unique behavior and data.

For Data Analysts

Full visibility into your data

Design your own dashboards based on ALL your data from a user-friendly interface. No data engineers required.

Scale has no limits

Digest billions of records with ease in seconds using Solitics’ robust and highly scalable infrastructure.

State-of-the-art engineered DWH

Data analysts can enjoy accessing a state of the art engineered DWH.
Your data is automatically clustered, optimized and sorted. Your columns receive meaningful names, making you feel right at home.

Work with your data, not for it

Sit back, relax, and just utilize your data. Solitics constantly analyzes your data streams and automates all of the data engineering required behind the scenes, so that your marketing, BI, and warehouses are all automatically customized according to your data structures.

Boost your queries and predictive models

Boost the runtime of your ML and queries times 30 and more with fine-grained optimizations on the data-layer. Solitics supports standard connectivity, allowing you to easily connect and apply your predictive models and queries.

Hear what they have to say

Deborah Guivisdalsky

Site Manager Malta

“We are using Solitics’ real-time data platform not only to enhance our personalisation capabilities but also to align our data management efforts.

Solitics plays a vital part in our efforts to become the LATAM and Spanish speakers’ leading gaming operator”


Madalina Pirvanescu

Marketing Automation TL for TradeFW

“Solitics is one-stop-shop for our marketing automation, empowering us to drive measurable growth with real-time customer-data-driven interactions across multiple channels”

Nadav Tal

Marketing Operations Manager

“The Solitics platform is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. We work with several trading companies, using solitics we enable them to interact with their traders in absolute real-time, resulting in better conversion and retention efforts leading to substantial revenue uplifts”.

Stephanie Stewart

CMO iPlayPlatform

“Our overall experience with Solitics has been great. The platform has enabled us and our B2B clients to improve the player onboarding cycle, grow the retention activities exponentially, along with the enhanced reporting which provided us with clarity on the performances of our actions.”