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Get the insights you’ve always wanted.

Drive deeper more meaningful customer journeys and experiences, make your product standout from the competition and get full visibility into your data. Increase conversion, retention and make informed business decisions – seamlessly and easily. Marketers, product and data analysts can have all the data and tools needed in one place, at a fraction of the time and cost.

Meet the new standard for how growth teams harness and use customer data

No lengthy data integration projects, no wasted time and resources. Go live in 30 days!

All your data, all of the time

Make your data accessible and actionable in real-time, regardless of your infrastructure. Solitics will integrate into your raw and distributed data within days through its unique data platform. Lay back and let the platform do the cleanup for you, so you can enjoy your data.

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Launch customer flows in seconds based on anything in your data

Take your customers through deeper more meaningful customer journeys and experiences. Make your product standout from the competition – seamlessly and easily. Your teams will thank you.

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Build the dashboards you’ve always dreamed of

Understand where revenues are coming from. Get full visibility across all marketing operations, analyze every aspect of every action, and optimize to maximize ROI. You won’t look back!

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Results that make our customers smile

increase in customer engagement and LTV

increase in conversions

reduction in time spent on setup tasks

Solitics is like having a team of data engineering and a data analyst in my business, 24 hours a day, serving the growth teams.

James Hawker
Tradisimo Ltd

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