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Your experience with Solitics will be around orchestrating your vision.
Full lifecycle management with a real-time customer engagement platform.

Visitor Activation

Win more customers by targeting non-registered user, based on anything they do or don’t do on your website or mobile app. Convert more customers into paying users

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User Retention and Gamification

Enhance your value proposition through a significant differentiation in customer experience. Gamify engagements with your existing customers, to have them coming back over and over again

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Take informed decisions based on ALL your data. Build your dashboards, feed your teams with the information they need, get the insights you’ve always wanted.

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Win more customers. Retain them. Get the insights you have always wanted.

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At Solitics, we constantly push the boundaries of technology to lead innovation. We have a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and accommodate them seamlessly. Our customer engagement platform is designed for growth teams’ to harness all data easily, effectively, and live.

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At Solitics, we constantly push the boundaries of technology to lead innovation. We have a profound understanding of our customers’ needs and accommodate to the unique business needs. We thrive to become the standard for how growth teams harness and use data: easily, effectively, and live.

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highest user adoption



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Solitics —
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With no boundaries, implement any business case you want in full synergy with all data sources. The only customer engagement platform that will seamlessly solve all your technological and data dependencies. Allow yourself to stand out, increase conversions, boost retention, and grow customer value.

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Say goodbye to data limitations.
Solitics was built to analyze billions of records in fractions of a second. AI-driven data platform simplifies complex data project, into a seamless UI, empowering you to make informed business decisions with zero effort, in full automation.


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Quick and smooth integration is just where we start. We commit to getting you live in 45 days. Personalization and automation in 45 DAYS. All your systems. All your data sources. Live and connected for you to execute your smart customer journeys and respond to your users, live.

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Solitics puts the R into Remarkable Real-time. Respond in 1.8 seconds, less than a blink of an eye (!) to ALL your customers behaviors and changes in market events, integrated with ALL your data sources.

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At Solitics, we take data security very seriously. We have a deep understanding of the critical sensitivity of data safety for FinTech and iGaming industries, employing state-of-the-art infrastructure and security protocols to keep your data safe and peace of mind intact.


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Spring 2021

Highest User Adoption






There is no customer engagement platform out there that can deliver even remotely comparable capabilities and access to data. In terms of the bottom line, ease of operations and insights for continuous improvement.

Head of CRM Marketing

Global fintech company

With such a rich diversity of data resources, Solitics’ platform enables us to increase KPIs and beat our targets, using all the data that we have on our sports-betting operators in real-time.

VP Strategic Partnerships

Sports Betting Operator

Solitics is like having a team of Data engineering and data analyst in my business, 24 hours a day, serving the growth teams.

James Hawker

Tradisimo Ltd

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Solitics?

      Solitics is a Customer Engagement & Analytics Data Platform that enables businesses to integrate and utilize their data seamlessly in order to create an incredible customer experience, have full control over the customer life cycle and get incredible insights into their data, all without a long & hard data project. With Solitics organizations can easily run customer journeys, optimize marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and revenue.

    • What types of businesses can benefit from Solitics?

      Solitics is ideal for any business that wants to improve its customer experience, increase revenue, and make data-driven decisions. Our platform is particularly well-suited for e-commerce businesses, financial services companies, gaming companies and other businesses that rely on data to drive growth and profitability.

    • What makes Solitics different from other data management platforms?

      Solitics stands out from other data management platforms with its real-time data processing and analysis capabilities, powerful personalization and optimization tools, and extensive integrations with popular marketing tools and data sources. Solitics offers a flexibility level that is second to none, due to our raw data philosophy and compatibility with almost any kind of data source. The unique combination of a real-time data platform, real-time marketing automation/crm and advanced analytics makes Solitics one of the strongest data management platforms in the world today.

    • Does Solitics offer support and training for new users?

      Yes, Solitics offers comprehensive support and training resources for new users, including onboarding sessions, technical support, and a knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials. Our dedicated team of Success Managers offers full support and will work with you to ensure you make the most of the system and constantly surpass your KPIs.

    • Is Solitics GDPR-compliant?

      Yes, Solitics is fully GDPR-compliant and takes data privacy and security very seriously. Solitics is also ISO certified. Our platform includes features such as data encryption, role-based access controls, and automatic data retention policies to help businesses stay compliant with global data privacy regulations.

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