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In today’s fiercely competitive marketing landscape, personalized
experiences have become the expectation rather than the exception. Solitics enables to deliver tailored engagements through streamlining a wide variety of communication channels: email, SMS, WhatsApp, in app-push, we push, social media, voice calling etc. – all under one intuitive UI.

Create deeply personalized experiences, send live, real-time messages using smart dynamic placeholders via any channel, any time.

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Smart communications
based on data in real-time

Incorporating smart communication features like real-time messaging and dynamic placeholders enables to leverage behavioral data for hyper-personalization. Any attribute can be embedded in any message!

Solitics allows marketers to deliver tailored and relevant messages that resonate with customers, enhancing engagement and fostering long-term relationships.

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New levels of flexibility
and choices

Solitics offers a rich choice of communication channel options, for you to choose the most effective channel for each interaction

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The veteran of communication channels: Send relevant, personalized messages, leveraging users’ data into insights.


Connect with your
users via tailored texting at the most accurate timing, on their mobile.


Engage users through notifications on their devices, delivering real-time updates and info.

and pop up

Enrich customers’ experience with targeted, personalized and timely relevant notifications while they are active on your platform.

Social platforms messaging

Orchestrate an effective multi-channel communication strategy including social media messaging across Facebook and Instagram.


Create journeys that support 1:1 conversation with customers, 2-way messaging for increased responsiveness.

Voice messaging

A unique channel for another personalized touch – trigger voice messaging to foster engagement and trust.


Use customers’ behavior data to identify where triggering a call is the most needed for an optimal user experience. Decide based on needs, not limitations.