Solitics Presents: Native Customer Engagement in the Banking sector

In a world where tailored experiences are paramount, we understand the unique challenges faced by banks like no other. Especially when it comes to harnessing complex distributed customer behavior data and ensuring seamless integration, meeting the highest of standards. Solitics platform transforms the way Banks connect and monetize their customer base, from the very first visit. Partner with us to address your challenges and drive success.

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Tailored customer engagements made easy

We in Solitics understand the data-complexity that comes with large financial institutions. Solitics was designed exactly for that. Solitics at its core natively supports multiple-accounts per user, multiple saving-accounts, trading accounts, loans, shared accounts, and all the other data-entities that your data is compounded of.

We are your trusted partner in this intricate landscape. We ensure you can effortlessly navigate and utilize the wealth of data in a unified interface to craft personalized experiences for your customers.

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Cross-departments, multi-channel communication

Imagine effortless engagement across every banking touchpoint. With Solitics, you get to effortlessly orchestrate inbound and outbound interactions across various touchpoints. Sending timely emails, triggering instant text messages, notifying customers about portfolio changes through investment managers, or seamlessly upselling with personalized triggers to a loan specialist, our intuitive interface empowers you to oversee the entire customer experience, in real-time, within your bank.

Tailor and optimize customers journey seamlessly, driving stronger relationships and business growth.

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Integrating distributed and legacy data systems – consider it done.

One of the most significant challenges banks face, is the complexity of integrating diverse and legacy data systems. It’s a lengthy, tedious and very expensive project. Solitics excels in simplifying this integration in 45 days. We integrate and consolidate even the most diversified data systems into a single, intuitive UI.

Say goodbye to complexity and welcome simplified overview with all the utilities you need – better decision-making, operational efficiency, and superior customer experiences.

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Security Excellence and Regulatory compliance

Meeting the highest standards in data security is where we invest a significant amount of effort and take great pride. Enhanced data security with regulatory compliance simplicity is what our customers in the banking sector consider a top-level necessity, and we are committed to delivering it.

In essence, what we assert is this: You can trust Solitics to safeguard your data and ensure compliance.

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