Solitics: iGaming operators trusted partner for long term success

Real-time CRM marketing platform to manage player’s lifecycles with multi-channel communication strategy.
Partnering with Solitics, Casino and Sports betting operators are engaging players in real time, in complete sync with bonus engines, activity data and communication channels. Operators are able to optimize their marketing efforts through access to advanced analytics and live reporting module.

Gain a major competitive advantage with Solitics advanced CRM platform.

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Your GROWTH has no limits with Solitics

Solitics is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything related to smart retention and conversion marketing: Traffic driven to the website or app is funneled to higher conversion with Visitor activation module; Registered users have multiple retention layers with dynamic in-play and inbound messaging, bonusing options and gamification. Access to all players’ data in real time, allows marketeers to tailor the offers based on gaming preferences and user experience.
Leading operators partner with Solitics to create exceptional player experience, fostering loyalty and solid LTV.

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Visitor Activation

Win more customers by targeting non-registered users, based on anything they do or don’t do on your website or app. Convert more visitors into registered and paying customers.

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Retention and Gamification

Create a supreme personalized customer experience. Gamify your engagements with your existing customers, make them return over and over again.

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Take informed decisions based on ALL your data. Build your dashboards, feed your teams with the information they need, get the insights you’ve always wanted.

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Data driven insights turn into Exceptional player experiences

Whether you operate an online casino, sports betting platform, or online poker room, Solitics’ platform can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our platform’s real-time analytics and reporting enable you to gain deep insights into player behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that enhance retention and loyalty.

With Solitics, you gain the power to stay ahead of the competition and adapt, in real-time, to the ever-changing iGaming setting.

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Say Hello to operational simplicity

It’s not uncommon for iGaming companies to use manual and partial segmentation, labor-intense bonusing process and have limited response-time when targeting their players by a promotion. Operational struggle and data complexity limits iGaming companies’ growth. FACT.

Solitics comes with a solution of managing end-to-end customer journeys based on real time relevant players’ data (from any system) and immediate response time from diverse range of personalized communications, all in a single centralized and simple to operate UI.

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