Trading Industry Expert for Customer Engagement

Revolutionizing online trading experiences through data-driven insights

At Solitics, we recognize the diverse needs and goals of online trading brokers like no other. With years of experience in the industry, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the complex data structures and dynamics that define online trading. In the fast-paced world of online trading, data is the key to unlocking growth and maximizing customer satisfaction. Our expertise empowers us to provide tailored solutions that align with brokers’ specific business objectives and unique challenges.

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Say Goodbye
to Data limitation

With Solitics, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve in customer engagement and no complex data projects to get there. Seamlessly integrate all your data sources and implement any business case with absolute synergy.

Trading platforms, CRM, Data bases, 3 rd party content providers, etc – all data combined in a single interface to empower actionable insights and superb experience for your traders.

The immense value
of Real-Time in trading

By leveraging the power of Solitics, brokers are able to create meaningful and timely engagements when and where it matters most:

  • Traders gain immense value from updates on market signals and even minor changes in their portfolios. In fact, they rely on them to make informed decisions regarding their accounts.
  • Solitcs is the only platform that enables brokers to access all traders’ data based both on their portfolio performance and on relevant Market events (in sub-seconds!) and then communicate with the trader at the exact relevant time, via platform or mobile pushes/popups, emails or sms.

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Streamlining Integrations with Leading Technology partners

Solitics seamlessly integrates with a comprehensive range of providers
relevant to the trading industry: Trading platforms, CRMs, third-party signal content providers, data streams, bonus engines, communication channels and more.

By establishing these integrations, Solitics ensures that brokers have access to a unified ecosystem that consolidates information from various sources, communicates tailored messaging for their portfolios and promotes data- driven decisions.

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