Empower Your Business with the Data Analytics Powerhouse

With a Data Analytics module at its core, Solitics creates a unique ecosystem where data analytics becomes effortless.

The powerful BI platform allows you to generate valuable insights and make data-driven decisions based on all your data, without writing any SQL queries or hiring a dedicated data scientist team.

Effortless and smart.

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Advanced Analytical Reports and Analysis Made Easy

Our intuitive and user-friendly interface empowers you to dive deep into your data with ease. Customize reports and choose from a variety of formats, to visualize your data in the most impactful way.

The advanced features of this module will allow you a seamless drill-down, understanding the gaps and trends to the level of the KPIs that affected them. Get the flexibility and functionality you need to uncover valuable insights and drive actionable outcomes.

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Fast Data Sync for Unlimited Insights

Bottom line: Sync times – will not hold you back. While the standard data sync would take 24 hours, our Data Analytics Module will manage it for up to 2 hours.

Moreover, you will be able to analyze ALL the data you have at your disposal: Explore and add any relevant KPI and metrics to your reports effortlessly. Say goodbye to limited insights and embrace the unlimited potential of your data.

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Live Automated and Customizable Alerts

Stay on top of your business’s performance in real-time with our live automated alerts and customizable trends inputs. Seamlessly embed these dynamic updates into management dashboards or any other relevant platform using our snippet feature. Be instantly notified about significant trends or changes, ensuring that you’re always informed and able to take immediate action.

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