Experience effortless integration.
45 days to go live.

We understand that integrating a new platform can be a daunting task. It often involves complex processes, consumes valuable resources and time. But with Solitics, we make it easy for you. You provide us with access to your sources and your part is done. Our team of experts will do the rest, ensuring seamless integration. We commit to getting you up and running within 45 days, without unnecessary delays or hassle.

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Business growth and Data evolvement, taken care of.

Solitics’ AI-driven platform is designed with scalability in mind. Once integrated, we support your business as it grows. Growth usually comes with data changes and advancements. Our platform is self-learning and seamlessly adapts to accommodate your evolving needs. Forget about manual data tables uploads and new fields configurations – focus on your business growth and let us handle the technical complexities. It’s taken care of.

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Future needs and integrations – no problem.

We are your partners to success. Often, that comes with expanding the reach with additional (new) communication channels or adding relevant 3rd party content providers to enhance your customer’s experience. Our platform and service support your expansion and growth. Should you need additional integrations down the line – we’ll make it happen. In some cases, you can do it all by yourself! We are there for you.

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