Gamify your customer
engagement strategy

Leveling up your game and customer retention becomes more sophisticated as we go. Gamification would be one of your essential features with Solitics. Gamifying customer experience proves to enhance participation & boost motivation. Seamlessly incorporate elements of play such as mini-games and levels, gamify visualization of stocks, earning reports and financial news – and customers gain an unmatched memorable experience.

Gamification is a powerful tool for customer engagement – you’re welcome.

Gamify more

2 words:
Gamification Widgets.

Infuse your brand with smart widgets: From spin-the-wheel thrills to scratch cards’ surprises, top traded assets and smart comparison widgets – encourage behaviour, habits and goals achievement. The gaming widgets are your way to embrace uniqueness: Craft your own themes and games to perfectly match your brand’s design and needs, seasonal holidays, market updates or sport events.

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Modify customer behaviors
with Gamification

Gamification can be leveraged to encourage desired customer behaviors. Use gamification with Solitics to introduce promotions with progress tracking, quests, and achievements. Incentivize users to play certain games, consider specific assets to trade, leverage personalized recommendations and more, to increase conversions and loyalty. Gamification taps into users’ intrinsic motivation and increases the overall engagement.

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Drive brand loyalty with
gamified experiences

Gamification will contribute to building brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships. By providing customers with a fun and engaging experience, rewarding their actions, and offering exclusive value and benefits, you will create uniqueness, leading you to stand out and gain higher customer retention rates and loyalty.

An additional effect of gamification that contributes to brand loyalty would be customer education and skills development. Creating an immersive learning experience, such as onboarding or new features exploration, enhances the engagement with the brand.

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Boost retention by encouraging
healthy competition

Applying gamification to your promotions, will foster social interaction and healthy competition among customers. Implement leaderboards, challenges, and multiplayer features so customers can compete, compare achievements, and collaborate. This social aspect creates a sense of community, encourages users to share their experiences (successes!), and leads to increased brand advocacy.

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