Automate visit-to-lead journeys, boost ROAS.

Unlock unparalleled growth potential with Solitics’ pioneering Visitor Activation Module, a transformative tool that turns anonymous visits into valuable leads.

This module not only enhances your visit to lead conversion rates and improves your ROAS, but also empowers your marketing strategy with a competitive edge, and sets you miles ahead of the competition.

Implementing customized visitor journeys and you’ll witness a significant upsurge in registrations through both web and in-app channels.

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The ultimate growth feature within Solitics suite

Budgets spent on users’ acquisition are justified by the number of conversions and value$$ they generate. Enhance these metrics, maximizing opportunities within your anonymous visitors’ base: Create targeted campaigns and user journeys, guiding anonymous visitors towards registration and conversion.

Communicate in real-time through web and app channels, including interactive pop-up messages. Now, you have the means to captivate anonymous users and turn them into valuable customers.

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Personalize based on behavior and insights

Our commitment to empowering marketers goes beyond just enabling communication with anonymous users. The Visitor Activation Module comes equipped with a dedicated analytics dashboard, providing valuable metrics and insights on the effectiveness of your visitor campaigns. Measure success in terms of revenue generation and new registrations. Gain visibility into user actions, interests, and engagement while they remain anonymous.

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Solitics: Pioneering Innovation and Technological Excellence

Solitics continues to redefine the customer engagement landscape with our cutting-edge technology. The Visitor Activation Module is yet another testament to our commitment to bringing value and driving growth though innovation. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the customer holistic view and superior technological advancements, delivering personalized experiences, and unlocking the full potential of ALL your customer base.

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