Solitics: Empowering B2C companies since 2013

Established in 2013, Solitics has rapidly evolved into a powerhouse in the realm of customer engagement and data analytics. We’re not just a platform; we’re your strategic partner in forging meaningful connections with your customers.

Our extensive portfolio of happy customers ranges from institutional financial organizations, banks, global brokers, Fintech companies and iGaming industries.


Who we are?

At our core, we’re a team of data scientists, marketing experts, and tech aficionados who are passionate about helping businesses grow. Our expertise lies in understanding data. We then focus on customer behavior, translating data into actionable insights and engagement strategies.

  • Tomer Baumel

    Founder and CEO

  • Harel Falk

    VP Sales & Business

  • Deena Komisar

    VP Marketing

  • Carmel Baumel

    VP Product

  • Nissim Baruch

    VP CS & Operations

  • Nadav Gruner

    VP R&D

  • Liron Kedem

    Head of HR

Our Values

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  • Customer-Centric

    Everything we stand for and the time we dedicate, evolves around the needs of our customers and the value we deliver.

  • Voice your Thoughts

    To effectively tackle challenges, we believe in understanding the facts. We wholeheartedly welcome and actively urge each team member to openly express their thoughts, constructive critique and ideas.

  • Nothing is impossible

    With a resolute can-do approach, we greet each challenge with unwavering enthusiasm, demonstrating relentless determination in overcoming it.

  • Ownership and Accountability

    A state of mind centered on accountability and a sense of ownership must form the very essence of everyone who becomes a part of our team.

  • Win together

    We win as a team. We strive to hire professional individuals who prioritize team wins the same as we do.

More Than a Platform –
A Commitment

We’ve bagged several industry awards for our innovative platform and our contribution to the field of customer engagement. But for us, the real reward lies in the success of our clients. When you grow, we grow. We’re here to help you decode your customers’ journey, understand their needs, and engage them in a way that builds lasting relationships.

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