Real-Time Data

Transform customer experiences, using all your data in true real time

Solitics’ cutting-edge technology is the only platform in the world that supports Real-time data ingestion from any database, self-customizing and adopting to given structure, so you can use it seamlessly.
Elevate ALL customers’ behaviors and data changes into most immediate, accurate and personalized journeys.

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Respond in just
1.8 sub-seconds

Collect, analyze and decide based on data from unlimited relevant sources in a fraction of a moment:

  • CRM systems

  • BI Tools

  • Platform backend

  • Website / App frontend

  • 3rd party content

In a single interface, leverage ALL real time data changes, use any attribute in every message to influence users’ behavior and make smart business decisions.

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when it matters most

Use all the marketing channels you can imagine in real time: Connect to any communication channel: Email, SMS, Push, web-push, pop-up messages, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Voice message or calling – all able to send out a personalized message at the exact needed time. No delays, no waiting for cycle updates, no channel limitations.

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We bring News and Market updates to you

Leverage news and market events to impact users’ behavior in real time:

3 rd party content outside your organization can hold a critical function in your user’s decision making, ie:

  • Financial news on substantial changes in traded assets will
    influence users’ actions and gain more trust and loyalty to
    your brand.

  • In-game updates in real time for sports-betting fans will
    motivate them to additional activity, increasing KPIs across
    the vertical.

Solitics will connect 3 rd party content sources with real-time events and market updates. You can turn a generic offer into a tailored, personalized and enhanced experience with tons of added value.

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Gain real-time data access
in a hassle-free process

One single interface, 45 days to go live, no development. Leave it to us.

Don’t worry about costly and time-consuming integration: Solitics integrates with hundreds of applications and platforms, from databases and data streams all the way to 3rd party news updates – All we need is an API or an SDK and you can go live in 45 days. That’s it.

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