Simplicity. Personalization. Flexibility.

Building and Managing Journeys Made Easy

Create and manage numerous impactful customer engagements in a single, user-friendly UI. Whether you want to set up a simple conversion protocol or a complex multi-channel campaign, our comprehensible customer journeys’ module makes it a breeze. No navigating thru multiple platforms or needing dev/product support – you’ve got it. A-Z.

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Highly Personalized Segmented Customer Engagement

FACT: personalization is the key to engaging and retaining customers in today’s competitive landscape.
With that in mind, Solitics empowers highly personalized messaging strategy to effectively segmented customer base. Our access to diverse data sources, allows to segment by various data points, inc behavioral, historic, trigger based, etc, and use dynamic placeholders based on preferences and need.

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Flexibility Across Communication Channels

Leverage Solitics’ flexibility of using a wide range of communication channels and reach your customers when and where they are most responsive. Omni-channel journeys with multiple touch-points ensure consistent messaging and impactful campaigns. Whether it’s Email, SMS, push, web-push, pop-up messages, Facebook, Instagram, custom channels, WhatsApp, voice messaging and even calling – we’ve got you. One UI, all the channels you need.

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Performance Analysis and
Smart Attribution

Understanding the impact of your journeys and campaigns is crucial for further optimization and driving revenues. Dive into each customer’s touchpoint to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your interactions influence customers’ behavior. See how revenues are attributed to each touchpoint and which content had the most impact, based on the data from all the sources, online and offline.

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Empowered with comprehensive analytics and smart attribution, you can continuously enhance your customer engagement strategies and drive measurable growth for your business.

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