Boosting Customer Engagement: 3 Critical Engagement Tactics
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Jul 24, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced trading industry, customer engagement is crucial for retaining clients and fostering long-term relationships. Trading companies are constantly seeking effective strategies to enhance their customer engagement efforts.

One such solution that has proven to be a game-changer is Solitics, a customer engagement platform designed specifically for financial industry and trading companies. By utilizing Solitics, trading companies can streamline their data and operations, deliver personalized experiences to their clients, avoiding the operational and development nightmares that come with building an in-house solution.

In this blog post, we will explore three essential use cases that can easily be implemented using Solitics, and will provide a unique value to the traders. These use cases revolve around price change updates, margin level updates, and portfolio rebalancing for investing. Let’s dive in!

Price Change Updates:

Keeping clients informed about significant changes in asset prices is crucial for maintaining their trust and enabling timely decision-making. With Solitics, trading companies can automate the process of updating members when the price of assets they hold or recently traded experiences a substantial or even a minor shift. For example, if the price of gold drops over 1%, Broker can promptly notify all members who have recently traded metals. The following data requirements are necessary for implementing price change updates:

  • Member: Language preference, list of member accounts
  • Language preference, list of member accounts

By leveraging this timely data, Brokers can ensure that their traders make informed decisions re their accounts and trading portfolios. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. BUT, it is very likely that if you ask your dev team to implement such a needed requirement, you are headed towards a very lengthy and resource-intensive in-house development.

Margin Level Updates:

Maintaining adequate margin levels is crucial for traders to avoid unexpected losses. Solitics enables trading companies to provide timely margin level updates to their members, ensuring they are always aware of their account’s financial health. When a member’s margin level on a real account drops below a certain threshold (e.g., 0.8), Solitics can trigger an SMS notification or an in-platform message. If the margin level falls even further (e.g., below 0.6), an automated voice call can be initiated to connect the trader with an agent. The following data requirements are essential for implementing margin level updates:

  • Member: Language preference, list of member accounts
  • Accounts: Account type, margin level

By leveraging Solitics for real-time margin level updates, trading companies can proactively engage with their clients, helping them manage risk effectively and providing necessary support when margin levels become critical. Without a doubt, these updates hold a substantial value to the traders and will play a significant role in choosing one broker over the other.

Portfolio Rebalance – Investing:

Maintaining a well-balanced investment portfolio is crucial for minimizing risks and maximizing returns. Solitics empowers trading companies to automatically update their members about changes in their risk exposure and recommend portfolio adjustments based on their risk aversion profiles. Whenever a member’s risk exposure exceeds the predefined threshold, a broker can trigger personalized notifications, urging them to make changes and rebalance their portfolio accordingly. The following data requirements are necessary for implementing portfolio rebalancing:

  • Member: Language preference, list of member accounts
  • Accounts: Account type, margin level

By leveraging Solitics for portfolio rebalancing, trading companies can offer proactive guidance to their clients, ensuring that their investment strategies align with their risk preferences and long-term goals. And that is exactly how brokers foster loyalty and long-term activity of their customer base.

In conclusion, trading companies can greatly benefit from implementing Solitics as a customer engagement and data analytics platform. The use cases mentioned above, including price change updates, margin level updates, and portfolio rebalancing, are just a few of many that can be seamlessly integrated into a Trading company’s operations using Solitics. By avoiding the resource-intensive process of developing these functionalities in-house, trading companies can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences, fostering loyalty, and ultimately driving business growth in the competitive trading industry.

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