Webinar : Bonuses a new age

Our panel of experts shared some examples of how operators utilize their real-time data to grant personal and contextual bonuses based on a variety of parameters such as NGR, GGR, engagement and more.

During this webinar, our panel of iGaming experts discussed :

  • how operators have been using bonuses so far?
  • how bonuses are viewed today?
  • how operators can leverage their data in real-time to give bonuses a new lease of life?


  • Aviv Sher, Director of Online Operations, Codere
  • Rostyslav Maikovych, Chief Data Officer, Parimatch
  • Harel Falk, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Solitics
  • Moderator: Curtis Roach, Clarion Gaming

Harel Falk

VP Sales and Business Development, Solitics

Rostyslav Maikovych

Chief Data Officer, Parimatch

Aviv Sher

Director of Online Operations, Codere


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