Empowering iGaming Operators: Exploring Customer Engagement Use Cases with Solitics

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Jul 24, 2023

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Success in the dynamic realm of iGaming industry hinges upon cultivating customer engagement and fostering loyalty. With the advent of advanced data capabilities, iGaming companies now have the means to adjust their approach to customer engagement. This blog explores three compelling use cases where Solitics empowers iGaming companies to manage customer engagement driving value and loyalty with ease. Let’s see if you can relate:

Setting Daily Objectives for Enhanced Player Experience

iGaming players often prefer a game type and focus their play there. General deposit-get promotions tend to be expensive and not necessarily effective from ROI perspective. So how do you shoot out a promotion that focuses specifically on where they fancy? In short – Use your data.

Leverage Solitics’ advanced data capabilities to set daily playing objectives for different game verticals (or even gaming themes i.e. Marvel Slots), providing players with an engaging experience.

Enhance these objectives by tailored games recommendations on the platform (!) and reward meeting them with additional bonuses, generating positive experience around challenges, accomplishments and rewards.

Leveraging timely Activity Insights: Targeted Rewards for churn prevention

Positive experiences drive loyalty. Negative ones… well, not so much. So far – these statements aren’t specific to iGaming. But how can iGaming operators monitor and reward players based on their activity, and do so instantly without the risk of churn?

Uncover the power of Solitics in identifying player trends and behaviours based on accumulated daily /hourly/ session-related activity:

Utilizing the data re players behavior allows to target users who are on a losing streak with condolence prizes/bonuses, while rewarding those on a winning streak with reduced incentives or withholding prizes altogether. This personalized approach is effective both in ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction/loyalty and in saving on bonuses costs where these can be avoided.

Fostering loyalty: Effective loyalty rewards system – completely automated!

Loyalty programs can be complex. Both for the players to understand and even more so, for the operators to manage. Yet progressive loyalty plans can be the reason why players remain active with the brand over its alternatives.

Using Solitics’ access to users activity, iGaming companies will be able to introduce an advanced loyalty program, based on players behavior. Implement a program based on activity KPIs i.e. deposits or wagering, to encourage retention. The higher the KPI level is, the better the bonuses will be. All loyalty levels will be registered in the Solitics interface and dynamically managed both in communications and bonuses systems: Classify members based on loyalty level, grant dynamic bonuses, or notify of loyalty level upgrade, etc.

Sounds straight forward. It is indeed, if you use Solitics. Alternatives, however, can be exhausting.

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