Version 2.1

Introducing Custom KPIs
for enhanced Insights on customer engagement

Group 594

We’re excited to introduce another significant addition to our platform: Custom KPIs!

What It Is:

The new feature, Custom KPIs, enables you to measure the impact of your campaigns over unique user-behavior. Unlike generic KPIs, this feature provides the flexibility to define and measure custom KPIs that precisely align with your brand’s strategies.
For instance, tracking whenever a user opens a real-account, changes his VIP status, or specific user actions like 2nd deposits, or loan initiations.

Who Will Benefit:

Marketers who will use Custom KPIs would gain deepe insights into the impact of their campaigns and their direct financial implications ($$$)

Key Benefits:

  • Measure custom KPIs aligned with your brand’s objectives.
  • Gain insights into the financial impact of user actions that following campaigns’ engagement
  • Enhance and optimize retention strategies with granular insights into user behaviours.


Additional Insights:

Custom KPIs also provide visibility into which journey and promotion had the most significant impact on the KPIs you set. This visibility, translated into insights and action items, will refine your marketing strategies.

For Enterprise-Tier Users:

Custom KPIs are exclusively available to our Enterprise-tier users, offering cutting-edge features for brands seeking advanced retention strategies.
We’re thrilled to introduce this innovative feature, and we’re excited to see the impacts it will bring to your brand’s retention efforts.