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Visitor Activation module is latest addition to Solitics suite: Create automated journeys for users pre-registration

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We’re thrilled to introduce our latest module, designed to be your ace in the hole for streamlining conversion in real-time: Turn pre-registered visitors into registered and paying users, while optimizing your conversion funnels!

What’s the key focus?

This module is dedicated to journeys that are focused on shifting pre-registered users into the registered category. It empowers marketers to shape personalized user journeys pre-registration that drive conversions effectively.

Who’s it for?

Marketers in online gaming, trading, and banking sectors, this module is your ticket to refining conversion funnels and boosting traffic – registration ratio. If your aim is to convert intrigued prospects into active, engaged users, this module is tailor-made for you.

What it brings to the table:

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    Tailored User Journeys for pre-registered visitors
    Create customized user-journeys for pre-registered visitors, guiding them seamlessly towards becoming registered users on your website and mobile app.

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    Enhanced Marketing Channels
    Use Popups and Push Notifications to engage users at pivotal moments, boosting conversion rates.

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    Pre-Registration Insights
    Dive deep into user behaviours during the pre-registration phase, gain crucial insights to shape your conversion strategies.

Why it’s your game-changer:

  • Streamlined Conversions: Engage pre-registered users with personalized experiences, elevating conversion rates and driving growth.
  • Improved Marketing Strategies: Refine your marketing efforts based on pre-registration insights, enhancing the efficiency of your campaigns.
  • Measure success: Easily measure the success and the impact of your campaigns over the conversion funnel.

Where can I find the module in my UI:

You can now switch between modules on the left pane in your dashboard.


Beta Availability: This module is currently available for beta testing. Contact your account manager to gain exclusive access.

Eagerly anticipating your conversion success!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to embed a new SDK in my mobile app and website?

    Yes, in order to track pre-registered users, you would need to upgrade the SDK version.

  • Is it supported in both Web and Native Apps?

    The module is currently available for web visitors.
    Native SDKs that support visitor activation in native apps, are expected to be released in Q1-2024.

  • Does it impact my existing retention dashboard?

    Yes – several UI changes have been applied in order to create a synergy between the modules:
    Global settings, such as user-management and providers, are now managed from the global configuration page.