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Power up with Gamification and captivating widgets – A priceless addition to your customers’ experience


We’re thrilled to unveil our latest breakthrough feature – Gamification Widgets! With this feature, the stage is set for an era of enriched customer experiences.

What It Is:

Gamification Widgets empower you to create captivating mini-games that elevate customer experiences and infuse your brand with gaming excitement.

From spin-the-wheel thrills to scratch cards’ surprises and beyond – the possibilities are endless! Unleash your brand’s uniqueness by crafting bespoke themes and games.

iGaming Brands:

Power Up with Gamification: Design custom mini-games that captivate and retain your audience.


Embrace Uniqueness: Craft your own themes and games to perfectly match your brand’s design and needs.


iGaming Brands:

Harness the potential! Create stock-release visualized carousels, recommended stock widgets, and many more – tailored for the fintech cosmos.


Cool supported capabilities :

  • Widgets support Random Number Generation (RNG) components that enables you to randomly selectin option. So Spin-the-wheel, scratch cards and other widgets are natively supported.
  • Design with animations to captivate your audience and provide an unparalleled experience
  • Dynamic-content is already inside, so if you’ve connected your translation service with Solitics, or whether you’ve uploaded it manually, it’s also available in your widgets.
  • Widgets support many existing features that Solitics support, including engagement-policies, sub-groups, and blocking rules.

The Gamification Advantage:

Gamification isn’t just about fun and games; it’s a powerhouse for enhancing engagement, motivation, and loyalty:

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    Enhance User Experience: 
    Interactive features keep your app enjoyable and fun.

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    Behavior Change & Goals: 
    Encourage habits and goal achievement through rewards.

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    Boost Loyalty:
    Use gamification to elevate user experiences and anticipation for coming rewards

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    Be Unique:
    Create a differentiated experience for your brand that will make it shine bright

This innovative feature is exclusively available for our advanced-package users.

Let’s transform your brand experience with Gamification Widgets!