Codere, an international gaming mega-operator was looking to improve customer experience, engagement and satisfaction.

Codere also wanted to reduce manual operations and automate labor-intensive processes. Codere was already using a CRM marketing system, but suffered from significant issues around data accuracy, response times, and rigidness.

After careful consideration, Codere chose Solitics to handle its entire range of marketing automation needs, managing end-to-end customer journeys on a single, centralized UI. Once implemented, Codere was able to fully leverage their now usable data, to create elaborate, trigger-based personalized journeys, and improve customer retention and experience.

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    Project goals were:

    • Integrate raw data, clean it and make data usable for the CRM marketing team
    • Have a single, central UI to manage all customer journeys, interactions, rewards, and bonuses, across all channels
    • Enable real-time marketing and interactions for personalization
    • Get business analytics and visibility over marketing effectiveness and attribution

    Want to know how they did it?

    We chose Solitics after an extensive process that included a diligent review of other solutions in the market. We found that Solitics’ ability to connect directly to the raw data is the only way to guarantee that our engagements with every customer are based on actual, always updated, real time data. This has proven itself both in the uplifts we saw in player engagement as well as in our ability to gain accurate data, so we could continuously improve, as we streamline every marketing effort

    Deborah Guivisdalsky
    Malta Site Manager

    Clear impact

    improvement in player engagements

    reduction in operation time

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