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Multi-brand Trading Company success story:

European regulated broker achieved over 50% growth in customer value, using Solitics

TradeFW is a regulated broker, committed to providing excellent trading environment for private and institutional investors worldwide. TradeFW customer communications are designed and executed with the help of ClickLogiq media agency.

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The Challenge

Data-driven automation

For this leading brand, being highly focused on customer experience, the agency’s marketing team had to be innovative, agile, and effective. Already working with a CRM-style MarTech platform, the team felt held back and slowed down by the infrastructure:

Providing the best customer experience for our traders and driving measurable growth required higher standards on every level. This meant delivering personalized, automated, realtime engagements across a mix of marketing channels, as well as effective segmentation, transparency of attribution and a clear visibility over marketing effectiveness. On top of these, we needed the ability to continuously optimize in order to maximize our results and achieve hypergrowth.

Madalina Pirvanescu
Marketing Automation Manager, ClickLogiq

  • Limited agility accessing different data points, fitting existing customer data into a proper automation format or any additional development took months, significant budget, and extensive IT efforts.
  • Insufficient performance tracking manifested in narrow visibility and little understanding of campaign effectiveness made data-driven decisions a challenging process.
  • Difficulty in adding new communication channels to the mix restricted the ability to eventually move into a 360-multichannel and opti-channel communication strategies.

Platform Implementation

But most importantly, ClickLogiq was looking for a trusted partner for the long haul, a partner they could grow with. “We weren’t looking for just a marketing automation tool, but for a human partner, with open communication channels that was committed to our success as much as we were,” said Ms. Pirvanescu.

ClickLogiq chose Solitics as their datadriven, real-time, customer engagement platform.

The Solution

Changing the mindset

Eager to launch, ClickLogiq was assisted by Solitics’ technical support to align data sources to their requirements. Once completed, Solitics integrated all distributed data sources, TradeFW’s trading platform and MT4. Solitics also connected multiple communication channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, pop ups, and additional tools to curate the data.

Solitics also enabled smart segmentation based on every customer attribute, providing insight on customer behavior.

Accurate real-time attribution connected all the dots from various systems, enabling active improvement and optimization.

The marketing team was keen to move away from a limited legacy system and try out the new platform. Solitics offered the marketers “a sea of possibilities, but you must be smart about your marketing to harness all these capabilities” says Ms. Pirvanescu.

Working with Solitics, ClickLogiq’s team grew into brilliant marketers that now have no limits to their creativity.

I believe that there is no other tool out there that is so compatible with the industry that we are working in as much as Solitics.

Madalina Pirvanescu
Marketing Automation Manager, ClickLogiq

The results

Migrating to Solitics, ClickLogiq’s marketing team felt empowered. The impact was surprising even to them:

  • 50%+

    increase in customer value

  • 30%

    uplift in average redeposit amounts

  • 66%+

    increase in transactions per customer

  • 42%

    more returning customers

“If you start with a clear marketing strategy, Solitics will help you meet and beat your targets” says Ms. Pirvanescu. “You can achieve amazing results, if you shift your digital marketing optics, putting your customer data in the center”.