Winning at iGaming Marketing: 5 Steps to Reduce Churn and Increase LTV

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Jul 24, 2023

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Meet Sarah, a skilled marketing manager at an iGaming casino company. She’s confronted with a pressing issue: leads reaching the deposit page abandon without completing the deposit, and then mysteriously vanish into thin air. Despite her team’s tireless efforts in captivating crafting marketing campaigns, attractive promotions, and enticing bonuses to retain players, the desired conversion rates continue to disappoint.

It’s clear that poor customer engagement has driven users to churn, resulting in significant revenue loss for the company.


Step 1: Begin to Tackle Deposit Abandonment Head-On

If you’re a marketer in the iGaming industry, you’ve likely faced this or a similar struggle of figuring out how to increase the likelihood of First-Time Deposit (FTD) and determining the necessary action plan.

However, the challenge doesn’t end there. Let’s say you’ve managed to identify the problem, but now two days have passed, and you decide to email this user reminding them to complete their deposit, you’ll probably find that this user is no longer engaged and is even depositing elsewhere.

The problem can also be indeed two-fold. Currently, you might not be able to clearly see the right data you need; complex dashboards leave you overwhelmed, making it difficult to tackle the problem at all.


Step 2: Create Incredible Customer Experiences & Engage Users to Stay on Your Platform

But what if there’s a solution that could help you engage users at the right time and place, not only preventing them from churning but also creating hyper-personalized and incredible user experiences? This would undoubtedly improve your customer lifetime value (LTV).

With Solitics’ real-time monitoring and journey capabilities, Sarah can transform abandoned deposits into successful conversions and amaze her CFO with increased retention rates and revenue per user.

Step 3: Lead Your Users to Make Deposits

Equipped with our real-time monitoring tools, you can easily create a strategically timed pop-up message to drive customer engagement and conversion right within your platform or app. For example, here’s a pop-up you could create to do just that:

By seizing this perfect moment, you can drive unparalleled customer engagement and boost conversion rates to new heights.

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Step 4: Sit Back & Relax. Enjoy Automated Customer Journeys.

And don’t worry, we do the hard work for you:

The content automatically adapts based on user actions and all relevant data gathered from all three data sources: including the frontend, backend and third parties. Whether it’s the traffic source, the stage at which a lead stopped, or a specific click on the page, the message is tailored to capture the user’s attention and generate action. It may offer a starting bonus, free play, or assistance. The journey continues based on the user’s subsequent actions.


Step 5: Bring Your Marketing Dreams to Life

Sarah, armed with Solitics, can now create a truly personalized experience for each lead, being there and responding at the right time and place.

Sarah is now empowered to effectively engage users, leading to increased customer lifecycle value, maximum conversions, reduced churn, and growth in income per user. This will ultimately drive the overall success of her iGaming casino company that she has worked so hard to achieve.

The ability to react in real-time enables your marketers or product teams to manifest their boldest vision and goals. With Solitics, missed opportunities become a thing of the past, as real-time responsiveness will set you apart from competitors still grappling with data aggregation.

Step 6: Take the Next Step – Book a Demo with Us

We want to assist you in getting started with a seamless experience for implementing a first-class customer engagement system.

Our mission is to help iGaming brands achieve their business objectives and foster enduring, prosperous relationships with their players. This, in turn, enables you to create enhanced retention rates and impressive revenue uplifts.

So, are you ready to harness the power of data to automate, personalize, and fully manage your customer lifecycle without the need for lengthy and complex data projects? Then, sign up for a quick demo now.


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