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Effective customer engagement that keeps them coming back

When a prospective customer interacts with your brand, that’s your one chance to make an impression. When an existing customer engages with your campaign, that’s your one shot to reel them in. You need a platform that can help you make it happen.

Using true real-time data

Launch campaigns based on fresh data, not yesterday’s data. Send live updates to any marketing channel, instantly.

Live pop-ups

Pop-ups have over 95% engagement rate. You can raise a pop-up with an enticing offer to a customer that is about to leave your site. Send a pop-up to resolve a margin, right then and there.

Smart dynamic placeholders

Present personalized dynamic content using dynamic placeholders that are updated to the second through any channel. Create a 1-on-1 experience with personalized offers and real-time calculations over anything over the data.

Personalized, automated customer journeys

Create outstanding automated customer journeys, automatically tailored to the specific interests of each customer

Generate and manage all your customer journeys on a single intuitive UI.

Drag and drop the different steps of a journey, design your content, define any triggers based on any change in any data attribute, choose the communication channel (or channels), tick the boxes for language preferences, and set time to launch. That’s it. You’re good to go.

Smart attribution

Dive into each customer touchpoint to understand your impact on their behavior. See which touchpoint and content has the most impact, based on the data from all the sources, online and offline. And get credit for your success.

Customizable placeholders

Any data attribute can be embedded in every message/action. This includes simple attributes - like name, spent, language – as well as sophisticated attributes using real-time calculations based on any data attribute, such as NGR, GGR, custom aggregations, percentages, repeat times and more.

All the marketing channels you can imagine, and some you can’t

Connect to any communication channel: Email, SMS, push, web-push, pop-up messages, Facebook, Instagram, custom channels, WhatsApp, voice messaging and calling, all managed from a single UI.

All your data, all the time

Solitics seamlessly connects directly to the raw data from all your distributed data sources. The platform automatically adapts to the data structure, unifies the data across all sources, and makes it usable.

Dynamic segmentation

Segment over any attribute in your data. Use any field in your raw data, zero aggregations or coding needed. Target customers automatically as they become eligible to be part of a segment.

Ease of use

Your passion is creating amazing customer experiences and campaigns. Not battling with rigid tools. You want flexibility and independence and extensive capabilities that would enable you to realize what you envisioned. Enter Solitics.

Define what you want to see in the UI
Which fields are important to you? What would you like to call those fields? You can choose for yourself or for your team.
Create sub strategies
Content & marketing strategies are separated, making it easy to use. Don’t build every campaign again and again for different languages or different channels. With Solitics you can simply check the right box and you’re all set. Image of sub-strategies campaign building page
Add data sources
Solitics performs autonomous data reconstruction powered by Machine-Learning, transparently identifying any changes in data structure & attributes and automatically representing new fields in the UI. Yes, autonomously!
Stream data from different member keys
No problem! If a member identifier is different across different data sources (i.e.: call center vs back-office), Solitics will automatically create a united member profile and align the data.
Add a communication provider
Just chose from a marketplace of communication providers, offering customers a choice of who to work with, without any limitations on providers.

Don’t just take our word for it

Meet and beat your targets”

If you have a marketing strategy, Solitics will help you meet and beat your targets.

Oana-Madalina Pirvanescu
Marketing Automation Manager

Insights for continuous improvement”

There is no platform out there that can deliver even remotely comparable results. In terms of the bottom line, ease of operations and insights for continuous improvement.

Head of CRM Marketing
Global fintech company

Substantial revenue uplifts”

Solitics is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Resulting in better conversion and retention efforts leading to substantial revenue uplifts.

Nadav Tal
Marketing Operations Manager
Magma Logic

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